We are ready to serve your

Outsourcing needs

We are reday to serve your

Outsourcing needs

we are ready to serve your

Outsourcing needs

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We are UK managed company, With secure & spacious offices in Sri Lanka and a partnership with one of the countries top recruitment agencies.

We are perfectly positioned to meet the needs of any company looking to outsource staff to Sri Lanka.

We started out as a group of small UK web development and mobile companies in 2009.

Over the years our businesses have grown dramatically in size and we started to look at ways of bringing our costs down without effecting the high quality and time frames that our customers had come to expect.

Three years ago (2012) we opened our first offices in Sri Lanka and since then we’ve seen nothing but growth, we’ve spent a lot of time putting management in place and establishing relationships with government and business on the island and we believe we have created the perfect outsourcing solution for western companies looking to outsource to sri lanka.

In July 2015 we secured a new office complex in the center of colombo with on site accomodation. We are currently in the process of converting this into a business hub.

We have the perfect combination of local and UK based management so as on both sides of the water we have the right people ready to make a difference for your organisation.

We can also help you sidestep all of the polictical, legal and regulatory barriers to business in the country by providing a service from our UK based company, billed in pound sterling and with UK project management we can assure you of a smooth transition from high cost British staff to low cost sri lanken staff of comparable technical ability.

Outsourcing is a technique often used by companies living in strong economies (such as the UK) to reduce their running costs and increase the scalability of their operations by hiring staff living in a cheaper economy (such as sri lanka) through a 3rd party (that’s where we come in).

In the ICT world it has become an industry normality for companies to outsource entire teams to other countries as the cost benefits and skill sets required are clearly proven.

Labour costs in Sri Lanka are even lower than India yet the Sri Lankan economy has been frequently cited as one of the most liberal in the Asian region and has maintained a healthy rate of growth in recent years.

Sri Lanka has the highest literacy rate in the south Asian region (92%, high even by global standards) and is ranked 1st in the south Asia human development index. The main languages spoken are Sinhala, Tamil and English. English is the main business and "connecting" language in Sri Lanka so staff fluent in English are not hard to source.

In terms of connectivity, Sri Lanka has the most liberalised telecom industry in south Asia comprising of 3 fixed and wireless local loop operators, 4 mobile operators and 5 public phone operators with up to 150 Mbps through satellite or fibre optic cable. Sri Lanka's infrastructure is also well established with high quality ports, airports and other logistical aspects. It will also be one of the first countries to trial Googles new "Loon" internet service with a promise of high speed internet access available on every corner of the island (all beamed from baloons).

We specialize in ICT staff and can source staff in a variety of disciplines including web development, graphic design, mobile development and seo.We also have our own in-house team of developers, designers, mobile video production experts and online marketing experts available for shorter term leases and overflow contracts.

As far as ICT staff are concerned, Sri Lanka has an increasing resource pool of highly skilled and cost effective professionals. Sri Lanka is widely known as E-Sri Lanka due to its government’s heavy investment in IT infrastructure and its initiative to use ICT to develop its economy alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life and opportunities for all of the Sri Lankan people. The Sri Lankan government actively encourages western companies to outsource to their ICT operations to Sri Lanka.

Approximately 1375 professionals are graduating from public universities and 4000 from private sector ICT related institutions with qualifications in ICT disciplines such as web development, every year.

With staff wages sometimes as low as 10% of their Uk counterparts wage this presents a serious opportunity for any UK based digital company to dramatically reduce their running costs. We provide a full service outsourcing service with a scalable pricing model that offers true value and scalability to businesses of all sizes looking to outsource to Sri Lanka.

Whether you are looking at hiring one staff member on a temporary basis or a team of full time staff, we can provide a comprehensive service that will help to reduce costs and improve productivity for your company. Contact us today for a free consultation, we are confident that we can provide a solution that not only meets your staffing needs but also exceeds your expectations on the value, productivity and cost

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